Categories for the UK Heritage Awards

UK Heritage Awards are open to all historic houses, heritage gardens, museums, galleries in historic buildings, archaeological or industrial sites and other places associated with the past in the UK. The UK Heritage Awards are only open to places which are open to the public.

The Awards are presented under a series of categories. The categories have been devised to reflect, recognize and celebrate the high-quality experiences enjoyed by visitors to a wide range of heritage attractions. You may enter your heritage attraction into more than more category but you will need to complete an entry form for each category.

Hudsons recognises:

Best Family Day Out
A great day out for a mix of age groups; including play areas, interactive displays, guides, games, trails or activities for children and plenty to occupy Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grandfathers.

Great Places to Eat
Do you have a tearoom, café, kiosk or restaurant that has exceptional service, serves local produce, home cooked foods, a superb interior, special setting or is a little out of the ordinary?
Wonderful Places to Stay
A wonderful place to stay overnight within the House or immediate surroundings. Visitors will enjoy comfort, style and presentation, uniqueness and empathy with the surroundings.

Most Improved Heritage
Recognizing development or improvement to heritage, whether newly discovered, uncovered or restored. Perhaps an artefact, landscape feature or new historical insight.

Hidden Gem
A special place waiting to be discovered i.e. the main house, a folly or chapel or special feature somewhere unexpected in the house.
Best Event, Festival or Exhibition
An original event, an outstanding festival, a concert or opera, temporary exhibition, community project or temporary commercial enterprise.

Contribution to Heritage
Recognizing the contribution to advancing the world of heritage and increasing knowledge and understanding in society at all levels and age groups.

Shopping Experience
Recognizing the contribution to advancing the world of heritage and increasing knowledge and understanding in society at all levels and age groups.

Best Loos
Public toilets provided for visitors which are not only clean and well maintained but which have a little heritage flair.

Wedding Venue
The ideal place for a wedding, providing a truly memorable wedding day.
Corporate Experience
The ideal place for a corporate event, providing excellent facilities and services.
Best of Heritage
This category is for the best award entry across all categories as decided by the Judges.

Signpost Recognises:

Great Place to Stay
A hotel or bed and breakfast that is a unique experience. It may be the setting, position, the building, the offering or an approach that makes it stand apart from the rest.

Outstanding Customer Experience
Whether it is a place to stay, place to eat, place to visit or an event that a visitor will enjoy, the customer will be bowled over by the experience.

Gourmet Delight
A restaurant, café or tea shop, this place is unique for the quality of food. As well as great food, consideration will be given for the building and the service as well.

Must Visit
Recognition for a site, building, monument or place worth visiting. It should be unique and interesting enough for the visitor to go away talking about it and encouraging people to visit. It may be historical, educational or a stunning visual setting worth traveling to.

Entry to all categories is unrestricted and free of charge. Please submit separate entry forms for each category entered.

For each entry please send us details as requested, this may include photographs and relevant supporting evidence such as menus, customer feedback/reviews, indication profitability, published or promotional material, etc. Please note: supporting documentation will not be returned unless agreed prior to entry submission.

Recognition will always be given to recent investment and development.

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